Drums / Vocals

Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Ray was exposed to a very diverse array of musical influences at an early age. However, it became evident from the onset, that he had a passion for the metal genre.

Thomann’s playing style is one that can be characterized as heavy hitting, thunderous and tribal. His abilities are not just limited to drumming. As a founding member of Fanghorn, he has been influential in the creative direction of the band, as well as a major contributor to their music.

Ray has appeared at countless national venues sharing the stage with such notable acts as Ace Frehley, Theocracy, D.R.I., Saigon Kick, Britny Fox, Brett Michael’s Band, Prophet, Disciple, Primadonnaz to name a few.

His musical collaborations include Keith Gibbs (Wicked Emotion / Sasquatch), Rene’ Benton (solo artist), Greg Boccardo (Wicked Emotion / Bleed), Jason Newhart (Blackhand), Mike Fillius (Mastermind / Solo Artist). As a member of Blackhand, he was an intrical part of the band’s first two CD releases. Their first release, ‘Long Road to Nowhere,’ brought the band to a global audience and earned them a number of positive reviews.

With his departure from Blackhand, Ray took some time to host various radio and television programs. He hosted a syndicated daily talkshow (AM, FM and Internet) and weekly television program (CTN TV). Ray has also appeared as a guest on a number of programs.

In addition to his musical interests, Ray is an accomplished martial artists and former professional wrestler. He has received countless awards and commendations including an induction in the World Karate Union Hall of Fame (2001) with Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn (UFC/NWA), Philadelphia Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame (2017), 8th Degree Master (Order of Combat), and 6th Dan Master (American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan Association). As a wrestler, he wrestled under the name of ‘Officer Pain’ in the independent circuit and as a member of the National Wrestling Association (NWA) stable under Dennis Carluzzo. He was trained by WWF legend Iron Mike Sharp, Guatemalan Star American Bad Boy, and also did some training at Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory. Ray has appeared on such notable wrestling cards as ‘Eddie Gilbert’ Tribute, NWA vs. ECW and NWA vs. WWF.


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